The rippling water along the surface, the continuous sound of the drum rolls, and the boisterous crowd along the river mark the start of the Dragon Boat Festival!

The Dragon Boat Festival, known as Duan Wu Jie, is a statutory and traditional holiday in China. Falling on the 5th day of the 5th moon of the Chinese lunar calendar, Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on June 2nd this year. Traditional customs of this festival include indulging in delicious zong zi (sticky rice dumplings), drinking realgar wine, and racing vibrant dragon boats.

The Dragon Boat Festival has been held annually for more than 2,000 years. It’s actually been noticeable for its educational influence. As legend says, the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival starts with one of China’s earliest and greatest patriotic poets, Qu Yuan. Trying to reform corrupt institutes, Qu Yuan decided to drown himself in the Mi Luo River rather than seeing his country be conquered and occupied by the State of Qin. It’s said that people who admired him raced out to the river to try to save him or at least to retrieve his body. As Qu Yuan’s body couldn’t be found, locals threw balls of sticky rice into the river so fishes would eat that instead of Qu Yuan’s body. Some doctors even poured realgar wine to anaesthetize the fishes. And so the start of dragon boat races began and the origin of zong zi was born.

Nowadays, people can enjoy various kinds of zong zis. Made of sticky glutinous rice, zong zis now come in different shapes, sizes, and fillings. On this year’s Dragon Boat Festival we bring you a special Lunch Buffet featuring both Chinese and Western influences that include a free flow of refreshing soft drinks, fresh juices, and ice-cold beers! Meanwhile at the same time, you can also relish in a Dragon Boat Festival themed à la carte menu brought to you by our Chef Wayne Wang.

Dragon Boat Festival Lunch Buffet at Cafe Studio
June 2nd, 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
RMB 328*/person with free flow of soft drinks, juice, and beer.

Dragon Boat Festival A La Carte Menu at Si Ji Xuan Chinese Restaurant

May 20th – June 4th,11:30am – 2:30pm and 5:30pm – 10:00pm

*Price is subject to a 15% service charge.

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